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We have become so lost and busy with our lives that we don’t have time to take a look around us. The world is not as beautiful as we paint it to be. There is lack of love and human values all around us. And at TWBC we do not intend to let it be. We do our own part to help those who wish they had some love and care around them. Our primary focus is to empower the future of a young generation who do not have access to a solid support system. We associate with orphanages and charity schools, to share knowledge, experience and love.
We believe it is not just the money that helps them, but the genuine intention of sharing time and love with them that matters as much. Another focus is to spread the same love and affection to our past – senior citizens – whom their own children have left to suffer on their own. We invite anyone – from the advertising fraternity or the general public to join us in our initiatives. To know more and to stay updated, please contact
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